What We Do

Our experienced team is amongst the finest in knowing the real estate market. As such, they find and secure strategically advantageous investments for our clients. We utilize our vast network to always go above and beyond. Simultaneously, our wide range of partners make it possible for us to handle small to very large projects with the same level of expertise and steadiness as any other investment.

Our main focus lays on three pillars: Building commercial portfolios and development, residential development, and asset management. All of our investments are placed in strategically important markets.

Our Investment Expertise

As a highly specialized real estate firm, we pride ourselves not only for our knowledge in the field but for our strong relationships with our clients. We have proven that our client’s trust in us is justified by always delivering a high return on investments. In this portfolio, you will find some of our past projects. 


After years of successfully acquiring, developing and managing many units, we at Invest Group know all the specific challenges of these projects. Depending on the specifics of the project there are different strategic paths to consider. At Invest Group, we have encountered every imaginable scenario and can react accordingly.


Residential sites are very flexible, as they can be used in a variety of ways. They can be developed and sold as condominiums or held as a long-term asset. Another option with residential development is to convert commercial structures into residential buildings. We have overseen many projects in this area and know how to achieve success in whichever way our clients prefer.


Our clients in this area have ranged from owners and operators to long-term tenants. We have a portfolio of handling single-use and multi-tenancies all the same.

Land development

We help our clients turn their land into a residential or mixed-use site. However, maximizing the value of underutilized land can be laborious and daunting. That is why we at Invest Group draw on our vast network to help them build communities with land development.

Hotel Acquisitions

Invest Group has developed and managed the investment of numerous hotels in North American and international markets. Clients can count on our expertise to maximize their assets’ value in this field as well.

Deal structure

There are multiple parties involved in a real estate investment, resulting in interests that might be at odds. At Invest Group, we are able to call on our resources and network of business partners, in order to reach a deal as quickly as possible.